Parenting Difficulties

Parenting is one of the most important endeavors in a person’s life. It can bring the most joy, or at times be the source of much pain and heartache. Through the various ages and stages come new challenges and potential problems.

  • There may be issues around having a strong willed child, the sensitive child, or the child with special needs or learning styles.
  • There may be difficulties associated with divorce or step-parenting.
  • There may be stresses associated with both parents needing to work and the juggling of time and resources.

Sometimes, parenting can bring to the surface memories or issues in the parent’s life when they were the child’s age. Or oftentimes, a parent is at risk to repeat unhealthy parenting styles from their own parents. Parenting difficulties can also stress a marriage or family life. A child can consume and become the focus in unhealthy ways causing distress to the child and others in the family.

Counseling can provide assessment and clarity of the parenting difficulty. Should the child need professional help, I would provide referral and collaborate with treatment providers. Sometimes, raising a child requires outside help to provide the support, knowledge, and perspective necessary to continue to parent a child successfully. Every parent wants the best for their child and to know that they have done all they can to make that possible.