The desire to have a child and the difficulty to conceive can be a source of great stress and heartache. It can cause tension in a marriage. Often times, a woman will feel alone and not understood by her husband. A husband may struggle with feelings of helplessness and powerlessness to change the situation. The plan to have children is now threatened. What was once thought to be a natural progression in the life of a couple is now felt to be beyond their control. The couple enters a world of doctors, tests, procedures, and decisions. The woman may be subject to hormones and drugs that cause mood swings and weight gain. The couple’s sexual life now becomes linked to schedules and time tables. Holidays, births, and other celebrations, once enjoyed, are now painful reminders of the loss of not having one’s own child. In many instances, this can go on for years. The chronicity of the stress can cause depression, anxiety, and marital problems. Should methods to conceive fail, the couple is left with having to decide if they will remain without children, or pursue other means to have children such as adoption, egg/sperm donation, or surrogacy.

Coping with infertility is hard and needing help is completely normal.Counseling can not only help to provide support, but also can be a forum to talk about and make important family life decisions.