Family of Origin Issues

Everyone has a family of origin. Unfortunately, families are not perfect and they vary in degree of dysfunction or life circumstances. The greater the difficulty, the more negative the impact in a person’s life. Issues such as childhood abuse, family substance abuse and mental illness can leave one at risk to depression, anxiety, fears, and difficulty in relationships. On the other hand, a family could have suffered the loss of a parent, sibling, or another significant event. A person may have been exposed to violence or war in their upbringing. Any of these experiences can cause a person to be weighed down by stress and heartache that even they do not know the extent it has had on their lives. A person need not repeat their past, nor be imprisoned by it.

Psychotherapy is a more in depth counseling that explores the impact and the effect on a person’s life. Through this process a person can begin to experience the hope and freedom to create the life that they want to have.