Family, Marital, and
Relationship Issues

A part of being human is being in relationship. Difficulty in one’s relationship can be a great source of stress, affecting every area of a person’s life. Intimate relationships go through many stages and evolutions. In addition, individuals bring their personal history of relating. Often, it is difficult to sort out what is “mine”, “yours”, and what is “ours” together. Relationship counseling can include….

  • pre-marital counseling
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • restoring and healing of relationship following
    an infidelity
  • relationship recovery
    (for couples where there has been substance abuse)
  • blending families
  • divorcing couples
    (for couples wanting help managing separation or divorce)
  • the “empty nest”- helping couples come back together

Counseling can provide a safe place where the couple can come together to talk about issues they cannot otherwise address. Counseling can also provide greater understanding of the dynamics in a way that would otherwise be unknown to the couple.