Divorce is a stressful, life changing event in a family’s existence. Particularly, if there are children, the stress on the couple is magnified. Divorce happens in the midst of daily life. Not only does one have to keep days as normal as possible for the children, but one has to work, attend to family, maintain the household, and all of the other responsibilities associated with marriage and family life. Often times, divorce presents financial
stressors, custody decisions, and issues of how the spouses will continue to discuss important matters.

Divorce can also happen later in life, leaving one with fears and anxiety about what lies ahead. A person’s life is altered in many different ways. An individual may feel like they failed. They may feel lost, lonely, angry, powerless, and uncertain about what the future will hold. Sometimes, the person who initiates the divorce, although difficult, will feel a sense of relief. This person may also feel some degree of guilt and responsibility for the other spouse. Regardless, the majority of people who marry never think their marriage will end in divorce.

Counseling can help to navigate the varying complexities, legalities, stages, and relationships in the divorce process. Counseling will also provide an environment where the person can express and cope with very powerful and difficult emotions so that they can begin to create a fulfilling life after divorce.