Collaborative Practice – Trust and Estates

I am part of a group of mental health professionals, estate attorneys and financial planners. Together we provide help to families around estate planning.
What if:

  • You can have a professional team facilitate a dialogue with your family about your estate
  • You could help your adult children understand the reasons behind your decisions?
  • You could prevent the hurt feelings and anger that often emerge when families haven’t had these discussions
  • You could help your family avoid costly court battles and conserve their inheritance?

Our focus is toward preventing and resolving current or future family conflicts surrounding care for elderly parents, preparing an estate plan or inheritance distribution.

My role as a communications specialist is to understand the various needs, goals, dynamics, and complexities of a family. I then use my knowledge to meet with family members, separately and together, including meeting with other collaborative professionals, to help the family come to agreements around estate issues. As a trained family mediator, my goal is to minimize family conflict and stress, avoid future litigation, and preserve the family legacy.

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