Career Change and Job Stress

Career change can be brought on by various factors, such as a company lay off, illness, geographic relocation, dissatisfaction with a current job or profession, or the desire to do something different with one’s life. Whatever the reason, it can be a time of uncertainty, where the routine of life is disrupted and one can feel very destabilized.

In the case of job stress, a person’s work performance can be negatively impacted. Feelings of confusion, anger, irritation, entrapment, and anxiety can often make it difficult for the person to work effectively. The job stress may be caused by work relationships, a boss that one doesn’t work well with, reorganization, poor management, a toxic work environment, or the realization that the job is no longer satisfying.

In either case, I create an environment which is safe and supportive to help the person more fully understand their current situation and needs. Sometimes, these situations are easily sorted out, but often times, they are more complicated and take the expertise of a therapist to uncover the layers that are causing the stress.