Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can be very debilitating conditions. With depression, a person may feel fatigued, a lack of desire for everyday activities,  sleep too much or too little, begin to experience health problems, gain or lose weight, get easily frustrated or irritated, feel alone or isolated, feel distracted and not able to concentrate, and just experience an overall sense that life is not going well. With anxiety, a person can feel many of the same symptoms of depression and feel that their mind/body is racing. A person may have problems sleeping, eating, focusing and concentrating. They often experience panic attacks.  It can be a very terrifying and frightening experience, one in which they feel out of control and like no one else can help them.

The good news is that anxiety and depression are very treatable conditions and the sooner a person seeks treatment the better. Typically, what is behind the anxiety or depression are feelings about experiences that have not been fully dealt with or expressed. Also, the person may have difficulty knowing, coping, and expressing feelings in everyday life situation or relationships.

In our work together, we explore what is known and unknown, and look at possible fears or experiences that may block a person’s ability to take better care of themselves in order to have healthy, fulfilling relationships and the quality of life they desire.