Whether you are looking to adopt, struggling with a child you have adopted, or are an adoptee, counseling can help to provide guidance and a supportive environment to handle a very sensitive subject. Below is a further elaboration on each of theses areas.

Considering Adoption

This can be a big decision in a person/couple’s life. Oftentimes, this is precipitated by the years of stress from infertility. Other times, it is a decision a single person will make because they want to raise a child. In either case, the adoption process can be stressful:

  • It can be complicated by choosing an attorney, adoption agency,
    paperwork, home visits, and interviews.
  • The anticipation of being chosen or not by a birth parent, the
    stress of the waiting period for the adoption to be final, and navigating
    the relationship with the birth parent.

The adoption of a child, though a time of anticipation can be a very stress filled journey. Counseling can be a safe place to talk about the fears, frustrations, and anxiety of the adoption process.

The Adoptive Parent

In some cases, there are problems associated with the child who has been adopted:

  • There may be cultural issues to be addressed
  • Learning issues
  • Or, for the older child, identity questions.

There are unique issues that can arise with a child who has been adopted. I can help a parent(s) to better understand so that they can more effectively parent and have a healthy, satisfying relationship with their child.

The Adopted Adolescent or Adult

More often than not, there is a time in an adoptee’s life where they will need to address issues of abandonment by their birth parent. This may not be obvious at the time, but instead, may manifest in depression, self-destructive behavior patterns, difficulty in their attachment to others, and an overall sense of feeling they do not know where they belong in the world. There also may be a time where an adoptee would like to find their birth parent(s). The person may be apprehensive, not knowing if or how they should proceed, along with addressing all of the many feelings once they do meet their birth parent. Counseling can help to work through the grieving of being abandoned, provide insight and understanding as to how this has impacted their life, and enable them to live more fully in life and relationships.